About Equine Pine:

For many years, shavings have been the standard choice for horse stall bedding. But as it is with most products, desire for innovation inevitably leads to the development of superior, more cost-effective alternatives. To this end, Equine Pine horse stall bedding was created. Made from 100% kiln-dried pine pellets, Equine Pine is cleaner, more absorbent, and costs less in the long run versus other horse stall beddings. Sound too good to be true? Click here for proof that Equine Pine is the superior choice.


Equine Pine and HorseGirlTV:

Equine Pine and HorseGirlTV have teamed up to bring you the best educational information about equine bedding, and the equine industry. She has composed numerous webisodes including interviews with some of the top riders in the world, how to clean your stall, conditioning your saddle, and much more. Please feel free to click on the HorseGirl TV logo to the right or click here to view a video on how to use Equine Pine horse bedding and to learn more about the benefits of Equine Pine compared to other horse beddings.